Wigging Out Part 1

January 3, 2016



2 New Colors! 

I never understood what the obsession with making wigs was until I made one myself . Er, Mostly made one, anyways. I was making it up as I went along and definitely made some mistakes, but the end result was fantastic! I was so proud of myself! So I must admit that I am pretty excited for our wig wefts that will be in stock later this month. Today I received a few photos of my actual inventory as it is being packaged so I had to share!


Holy Hair, Batman! That be a lot o wefts!

What the Weft?

So those who have tinkered with wig making in regards to dolls have probably seen what is around. I’m not an expert, but most of what I have seen is really expensive or really short when it comes to length.

We had these premium nylon wefts custom ordered to length AND width! Pretty much any size you can think of will be available, as small as a Barbie to as large as a Pullip!

We hope to cater to BJD fans as much as possible, I personally only have one Bobobie 1/3 BJD gal right now, I may be forced into getting some more to be test models- its a rough life selling doll hair. 😉

The standard length will be 12 inches!!!!

Longer lengths will be available upon request.

Prices will be determined once we have the hair in stock.

Caps, perhaps?

I was hoping to find a supplier to bulk order them from to have them available for sale, but I was not pleased with the options available. And I am fighting tooth & nail to have affordable items and wig caps are a little tricky in the cost area. Due to my immense curiosity, I purchased a few types of fabrics today and will see if I have any luck making my own! It looks like there are a lot of great tutorials out there and I just gotta try it myself.

Will we carry various size wig caps? That will be based on demand. IE, you need to let me know! Or we may sell the materials needed for making your own wig cap, since so many dolls have unique shaped heads. But I won’t know the best option unless I hear it from you!


So Shiny!!!!!

Talk to me!

If anyone has been reading my blogs or have stumbled upon it and want to see something specific, please let me know! I am happy to and questions and am open to many suggestions! My store is small now BECAUSE I want to get requests so that my store is stocked with what you actually WANT!

So many more wig-related blogs to come!


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