What the Hank? Part 1: Length & Size

January 8, 2016


NOTE: This information is based on my own research so if you happen to know more, please tell me!

Before I officially got into the Hair Biz, I was doing as much research as possible in an attempt to get a bit more educated. But there was one question I couldn’t seem to find a straight answer to.

So I called my good friend and customizer Tara Kalavista.

“I feel really dumb for asking this, but what IS a hank exactly?”

“I have no idea,” she said.

“???????!!!!!” I think was how I responded.


A Hank…or something

So what is a hank? As far as I have been able to gather it means a piece of hair. Measurement, weight size and any sort of defining information that actually explains anything about the hair doesn’t really exist.

So the only way to know what you are buying is to check the specs!

Understanding the weight and length is what you need to know to get the correct amount for re-rooting your doll or pony.

Grams and Centimeters

It is hard to know how much hair you need unless you weigh it. In my experience anyhow. Without my scale I would be positively lost!

Length is fairly simple; you need the hank to be twice as long (at least) because when you are using the re-root tool the hair is more or less folded in half. So the longer the better! But how much you need to complete your project is the tricky part!

Weight is crucial to understanding how much you need and how much you are actually getting when you order.

1 gram is about 0.03 oz, so not much. If you are buying hair measured only in grams make sure you convert to ounces first!

-A half ounce ( about 14 grams) at your desired length is enough for 1 standard size My Little Pony from any Generation.

-Barbie size dolls-or 1/6 scale dolls with the same size head-will use a little less than an ounce (28 grams)

-Monster High & Ever After High Dolls have slightly bigger heads so use about 1.3 ounces (about 30 grams)


The Hanks I Sell

Since I can’t seem to find a detailed definition of a hank, I created my own definition in an attempt to keep it as simple as possible, so this is what I came up with.


I stick to ONE LENGTH on every hank because in my mind it makes sense. That way if you were to purchase 2 half ounce to create a 1 ounce blend, you know the length will match & still work on a doll even though it may be labeled as “MLP” size.  18 inches gives you a pretty decent amount to work with, I just re-rooted a 15 inch doll and it goes down to her calf!


I personally am a hoarder so if I have leftover hair I like to save it for other projects^^

I have created a chart of how much hair it requires to re-root different dolls & ponies, all numbers are based on customs I have done and/or customs my friends have told me when using this type of hair:

How many 1 ounce hanks do I need?
-Less than 1 hank: All gen MLP, She-         Ra, Mego
-About 1 hank: Barbie & friends,                 Integrity, Strawberry Short Cake,         any 1/6 scale doll with soft head
-About 2 hanks: Monster High, Ever           After High, Bratz, Moxie Girls &           Teenz
-About 3 hanks: Tonner, Gene & 16              inch fashion dolls
-4 to 5 hanks: Blythe and large dolls
So I hope this helps a little in your customizing endeavors. I am here to do what I can to continue providing my two cents about customizing.
I’m off to go work on more projects, happy customizing!
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