The Year of the Red Monkey & The Doll Planet

January 2, 2016

Monkey2016A New Year can bring a mix of emotions. Many people find it redeeming, that chance for a Blank Slate, New Beginnings and Resolutions. Those are all fantastic things, but until I get home from visiting family I really can’t sink my teeth into 2016 yet. Thus the non-tutorial post today because I don’t have all my hair to experiment on and provide something you would most likely find more interesting than my thoughts. But I set a goal for 2016 to post everyday, so I shouldn’t start slacking now!


In many ways we were just happy for 2015 to be over. I will keep it brief by saying we had a rough year and spare you my Sally Sob Story. But I have been through worse and did my best to be thankful for what we did have and the good things that happened. And if the year hadn’t been such a roller coaster, then we wouldn’t have started selling hair and starting this new adventure!

Horoscope Says

I am not a religious follower of my horoscope, but I have always found them to be entertaining and interesting. I lived in China for a short time as a volunteer teacher so the traditions and culture of the Far East have a special place in my heart. 2016 is the year of the Red Monkey, so I thought I would take a look at what my Horoscope has planned for my future. It recommended that the Pig (yup, like the 2nd lamest of all the zodiac animals and certainly the least flattering) be humble and alert. Seth-the Sheep- is encouraged to work hard and make new friends to find good fortune. And in all reality that ain’t bad general advice! It also sounds pretty in line with what we hope to achieve for TheDollPlanet this year.

A Sneak Peak at 2016

Even if only half of our ideas are realized this this year for, a lot of additions and changes will be happening! Many things are still in the early stages and not solid, but we do know a couple of things for sure:

New Logo! The art we are currently using is my own sketch, but I really want to have a doll in her place on the logo and we need to make “the” in the title more prominent. I chose a BBI Cy Girl for our mascot doll and I plan to start re-rooting her really soon! 🙂

Metal Brushes! Ok that isn’t a mind-blowing reveal. But I can’t live without my wide tooth metal brush that Seth uses in our YouTube tutorial. It is sturdy and is great on tangles and tough knots. It will be available for sale in a kit with other accessories early this month.

More Cosmic & Natural Colors! This will be one of the first changes you will see because we are getting more dyes this weekend that will include some blondes and browns as well as primary colors in varying shades. We have one custom-dyed color in our store right now, Emerald City green, and the results were beautiful so we are stoked to get a variety of limited edition shades.


Emerald City, our only custom dyed color currently for sale. We are adding AT LEAST 10 more shades in a variety of colors this month! 

Wig Pieces! We have had several requests for our nylon in a “wig weft” style for making your own doll wigs. Our first 5 colors have been ordered and will arrive shortly, so I will be doing a lot of experiments-and blogging about it- with wefts and wig making this month. We will be one of the few US SUPPLIERS of nylon doll weft pieces! And our pricing will continue to be fair because we like you.


4 New Colors That will be available as rooting hair and wig pieces this month! Blackest Night will also be available in wig form.

Actual Website? Many people are not fans of eBay and a few people have questioned our legitimacy of being an actual store because of our current selling platform through eBay. So yes, we are a STORE, but creating a functioning site takes time and it just seems dumb to have a url that directs you to a shoddy site that is under dire construction. The plan is to have an efficient website & online store that not only looks great but actually works too. So one day you will type in and get a direct site instead of our eBay store; we will, however,continue to sell on eBay for those who prefer that platform.


Aww man, there is so much more we have planned that we hope to announce soon! We are excited and hope that you will find good fortune in the Year of The Red Monkey as well!

Happy New Year’s! – Diana

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