Tag: Nylon doll hair

September 23, 2016

meeshell-pack I remember seeing the first promo photos for the Ever After High Meeshell Mermaid doll. Even though I had never seen the character before, she looked pretty lousy. Weird color choices that didn’t seem to match and she didn’t seem to resemble a mermaid. 12501743_1263344333681520_1492646395_n And when you compare her to the stills from the show, it is even more dismal. I read a lot of complaints from disappointed collectors. As someone who re-roots all the time, I personally knew I could get her looking more accurate. But I knew most people don’t have the access to all the different shades needed to get that effect in her hair. And then it occurred to me: I could make a custom kit for all the people who want to reroot her too! What comes in the pack One thing I have learned in my many years as an artist that people see colors differently. I see a lot of light purple tones in Meeshell’s hair, whereas others see strictly pinks. So how does one put together a re-root pack? Instead of doing a small amount of hair, I decided that a lar