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September 23, 2016

meeshell-pack I remember seeing the first promo photos for the Ever After High Meeshell Mermaid doll. Even though I had never seen the character before, she looked pretty lousy. Weird color choices that didn’t seem to match and she didn’t seem to resemble a mermaid. 12501743_1263344333681520_1492646395_n And when you compare her to the stills from the show, it is even more dismal. I read a lot of complaints from disappointed collectors. As someone who re-roots all the time, I personally knew I could get her looking more accurate. But I knew most people don’t have the access to all the different shades needed to get that effect in her hair. And then it occurred to me: I could make a custom kit for all the people who want to reroot her too! What comes in the pack One thing I have learned in my many years as an artist that people see colors differently. I see a lot of light purple tones in Meeshell’s hair, whereas others see strictly pinks. So how does one put together a re-root pack? Instead of doing a small amount of hair, I decided that a lar

May 27, 2016

Another Destination!

This post is more of an introduction rather than a tutorial today. In addition to our main store on eBay , we have branched out and added an store on Etsy as well.

Why Not Sooner?

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked why I didn’t have a store on Etsy I would would be a billionaire. I opened our main store on eBay for several reasons. I have been selling on eBay for over 15 years so it is a format I was very familiar with. eBay also had a fantastic system set up for selling internationally; in the past 8 months we have sold hair to people in more than 20 different countries. We know how hard it is for intl customers to get doll hair for reasonable shipping so it is has always been very important to us to offer that. A few weeks ago, Etsy re-formatted their system to allow for calculated, combined and intl shipping. We had thought about Etsy for awhile and we saw this as a sign to branch out!

Additional Opportunities

The biggest benefit for our customers is that those without Paypal or eBay accounts. Etsy allows you to buy using a variety of different payments. We are also aware that not everyone is a fan of using eBay. I didn’t realize that because I was so used to already buying and selling on eBay. We hope this gives those a chance who have wanted to buy but did not previously have the chance. As well as new shoppers disc