Removing Doll & MLP Hair with Curved Nose Pliers

January 19, 2016


Was exactly what I said when my husband Seth insisted we carry long nose curved pliers as part of our regular in our store. I really wasn’t convinced. I had removed hair from doll’s heads plenty of time before. And while I had tore the vinyl in pretty much head I had removed factory hair in the past few months (using regular pliers), I try to avoid as many additional supplies because I am a cheapskate. 😛  I am infamously stubborn and hate change, so it took some on-hands experience to actually believe him.


I had so many dolls with torn vinyl heads that I just started trying to work around it. But some victims were too bad to ignore. This poor Twyla is a mess, still waiting on my art desk for when I can figure out how to repair such severe tears. The most frustrating part about issues like this is that they can pretty much be avoided with good tools.

Why Would You Want These?

If preventing incidents like Twyla’s poor head from occurring isn’t convincing, I will explain some actual logic as well. The pliers (sans the handle) are 5 inches long and curve slightly downward, hence the name “curved nose.” The long length makes it much easier to reach narrow and tricky spots like above the neck on most dolls. The pliers “lock” when closed, allowing for a really firm grip. This helps when you are trying to get those small stubborn pieces of factory hair.


Photo courtesy of Marcy Dice, with the original photo caption:

“The needlenose forceps make getting the last bits of hair out of the head SO easy! And sort of fun too!”

I was officially convinced when I first used them on a G3 pony. I was removing the hair from the head and is was so fast and easy! It was then that I admitted that my husband was right, as painful as it is was for me to admit that. Well deserved, though, because thanks to him I have been given much praise for them by customers.

I hope some of you found this helpful and if you want to try out a pair for yourself you can get them individually or in our re-rooting kit:

I hope to get around to some more hairstyling tips later this week, thank you for bearing with me!


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