Making a Wig Cap is Easy! Making a Wig like a Boss!

January 20, 2016

I got jealous that Diana gets to write all the fun posts, so I decided it was my turn! I wanted to try making a wig cap to determine what should be inside a wig cap kit. Since I’m a visual learner, I’ve been watching several youtube videos in addition to reading the blog post “Evening Dreams”, for ideas

In writing this article I hope to show you a more detailed breakdown of what it takes to make a wig cap which is using a combination of what I’ve seen other people do plus adding my own little spin on things.

Step 1

Making a Wig Cap Step 1

This BJD SD head has a circumference of 9″. Elastic is cut to 8″ to allow for some stretch and minor overlap.

Step 2

Making a Wig Cap Step 2

Make sure to find the area of the head where the elastic sets in a way that it actually grips onto the head. Too loose or too tight and the elastic won’t stay in place. Too high and it will slip off. Too Low and your wig will cover the eyes. Find that sweet spot and pin the elastic into place.

Step 3

Using a straight needle, just a simple hand stitch pattern will work. Keep the pattern close though so you don’t loose the elastic stretch in that area.

Step 4

Pull the stretch lace over the head into position and then stretch your elastic band into place. Work out the wrinkles and try to place the band and the lace into an even looking flowing pattern. It will feel and look right when everything syncs into position, kind of like the gears of a clock. Note, I placed the elastic joint that I sewed to the back center of the head to easier position the wig cap later.

Step 5

I found it difficult to get a straight needle to go in and out for stitching the elastic band into place. So I created what I feel is the perfect curve in our Nickel Plated Steel needles. Keep in mind most needles would just snap when trying to bend or shape them.

Once I found the perfect curve I got to work with a very simple stitch pattern. Remember to just go in and out with a continuous moving pattern in one direction. This will allow for the elastic band to stretch and retract. Don’ loop it back or anything that might restrict the movement of the elastic. I stitched the bottom row all the way around and then added a 2nd row at the top. See the 2 row pattern.This 2 row pattern conforms the elastic to the rounded shape of the head.

When you are finished stitching just cut the excess below the band.

Step 6

Step back and check out what was just created! I was really happy with how this wig cap turned out. It has a really nice fit. It holds snug without feeling like it will squeeze off like a bar of wet soap in your hand. Diana then had the idea to try this wig cap out on Gooliope, a 17″ Monster High Doll.


Can you believe it fit perfect!

Gooliope is introducing The Doll Planet’s Custom Wig Cap Kit. Complete with all the items you need to make your very own wig cap!

I hope you found this simple tutorial helpful!

~ Seth ~

For just $4.99 you get everything you need to make a Wig Cap!

This kit will also work for 1/6 scale doll heads. Blythe and Pullip will require a larger kit. I’ll add a Blythe/Pullip doll wig cap kit soon!

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