High Temperature Nylon Re-rooting Doll Hair

September 17, 2017

If you have looked at items in our Ebay & Etsy stores, you have probably seen us using the term ” Hi Temp Nylon Doll Hair” all over the place. But what does that mean, exactly?


Hi Temp Hair

“Hi Temp” is a simple way of saying that the hair is heat resistant. VERY heat resistant! It only starts to burn at about 430 degrees F (221 C)! How hot is that? That is about how hot I set my oven to when I cook a frozen pizza. I don’t even think my microwave gets that hot! So it is extremely hard to burn. What does this mean? The Styling abilities are practically endless.



Several customers lament that our hair is too hard to style. The error, however, is not in the hair. It is in people not using enough heat when styling. Hi temperature hair is exclusive to The Doll Planet, so for people not familiar with our type of hair have always had to worry about burning hair in the past. Almost every other type of hair- including the original hair- burns REALLY easy. I often use a basic hair dryer on doll heads to soften the plastic so that the head is easier to remove. I have burned the factory hair on Barbie, Monster High and Disney Animators simply by holding the hair dryer a little too close! You know hair has melted because it changes texture that feels like a hard plastic. And it cannot be fixed, either! Unless their is some cool thing way of defying physics… ANYWAYZ, basically I’m trying to say that most hair burns. With our hair you don’t have to worry about that! Several of my Blog & You Tube Tutorials are about styling and I ALWAYS am using a human styling tool like a curling iron or flat iron at about 350 degrees F (176 C) to do some awesome stuff. A lot of the styles I play with aren’t even possible with other hair! I love being able to experiment and try whatever crazy idea comes into my head without worrying about it melting.


Style created using a small barrel curling iron. Even her eyelashes are made of our hair!

Can this hair be boil washed/styled/permed? Of Course! You just gotta crank up the heat on the water and leave in water for several minutes. Check out the boil perm blog article for additional information.


6 Mego Gals with boil perms



Another unique trait about our hair is that it has HELLA volume. That is the only way I know how to explain it 😀 Why it does this I am not quite sure but what may seem frustrating is actually additional benefits to your custom.

Voluminous Hair means using less hair! When you have big hair it requires less to get the coverage you need. No one wants sparse looking or stringy hair, right? I know that I don’t! I have yet to see a re-root from a customer that looks sparse or stringy, it is full, flowing and beautiful!

Another fun thing is that the volume makes mohawk styles the simplest to do! No gel or glue required. Just trim to length, use a flat iron pulling the hair straight upwards and that’s it! Talented customizer Lindsey Sunshine Bock makes the coolest Zebra ponies (“Zorse”) using our hair. You can buy ponies from her at https://www.etsy.com/listing/279377912/my-little-pony-custom-zorse-lisa-g3?ref=

Sheen and Texture

One thing I was not really fond of with the majority of low temp nylon is how shiny it was. All of our hair has a matte sheen, creating a more natural look with just a hint of shine. Like a shampoo commercial.

Our hair is LITERALLY silky soft. Technically our hair is nylon silk. We chose to leave out the word “silk” when referring to our hair to not confuse customers with “Kat Silk,” a type of doll hair (that ironically is about as silky as straw based on using it before) carried by some suppliers.  So yes, very soft, like a shampoo commercial 😉



Do I think this hair is better than other hair? Obviously, but I am extremely biased. One thing I can say is that it is DIFFERENT. And truly unique to our site. I hope this gave you a little bit of insight on our hair and how much fun you can have with it.

Happy Hair-ing!


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