Curl Test: Boil Perm on Nylon Hair from The Doll Planet

December 23, 2015


I appreciate those who have been patient because many of you have politely (some not so politely) asked how to boil perm our hair. I know a few people have not seen great results and I honestly was a little worried which is probably why I procrastinated. ANYWAYZ, my first attempt worked! I will be trying different things (like different rollers & temperatures and such) after Christmas break but here is what I did and it was pretty easy.

I have had the most requests in regards to boil perming ponies, so this stuck up G3 was my guinea pig. I rooted her with Midas Touch Gold & Bollywood Fuchsia Nylon Hair from The Doll Planet. Her tail was rooted INSANELY THICK to the point where I had to cut the hole larger just to pull it through. Keep this in mind because an average pony tail would probably only require one roller.



As someone who mostly does dolls, I consider this to be pretty simple, I don’t know if pony folk will agree because I have curled g1 tails (with their factory hair) and was amazed with how easy it was. So this is what I used for Curl Test #1:

  1. A medium size pot filled with water
  2. kitchen towel or clean rag
  3. Stove for boiling water
  4. cold Tap water OR bowl full of ice cubes & water
  5. (2) Foam Rollers                                                                                         OPTIONAL: flat iron and styling gel of preference                                   So the “secret” to this method is really just the foam rollers and amount of time you have the hair immersed in hot water.                        I got this set of 6 foam rollers at Dollar Tree, the first place I always check before having to pay more somewhere else. I recall this being the only size roller they carried. I had never used these before so this was pure experiment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Set the rollers

Foam rollers are pretty easy to set. I started with dry hair and divided the tail in half because of how THICK it is. I rolled the hair over rather than under for this effect. Once the curl is rolled as high as you want it-in the case of the pony it was as close to the body as possible-you simply wrap the roller around the curl. The inside of the foam roller is wire so it bends easily.

                                           Heat Up the Water

I filled the medium pan up fairly high because wanted to immerse as little of the body as possible. I have an old ghetto 70’s stove but it does get nice and hot. I turned my stove a little past medium heat and waited several minutes for it to warm up. I wanted it HOT.


Heating up the Water

Here is the part that differs from any other brand of hair you have used before. Premium Nylon is “high temperature” hair. This means it won’t burn or melt easily. That means you have to NOT be afraid to get this hair hot!! Otherwise you won’t get much of a curl or nothing at all.

I don’t know if you can tell from the photo, but the water was hot enough that it was starting to boil. It took several minutes for the water to get this hot. After I started to see bubbles I immersed the tail.

                                              3 Minutes

Yes, you read that correctly, MINUTES, not seconds. The foam caused the curls to naturally “bouy” in the water, so I had to immerse a small part of the body because of how close I had rolled it. I set the kitchen timer and just held it in place. While standing there can be a bit boring, I liked knowing that I wasn’t damaging the hair and not having a panic attack like every other time I had done boil perms on other nylon hair. You don’t hear that horrible hiss or hair being burned. If you don’t feel comfortable having your hands so close to hot water, use tongs to hold the pony body.

Cold Water and Patience

After the timer goes off, remove the pony-and turn off the stove! Immediately get the hair in cold water. I use cold tap water from the kitchen sink but I know some people prefer the bowl of water with ice cubes method instead. I am sure that would work as well. You just want to be as thorough as you can in trying to get cold water on all of the curled hair. Next you want to pat the curls dry so that the hair isn’t dripping and just damp. I use the same towel that I pat the curls with to set the pony on to air dry overnight.


                                            Moment of Truth

I let the curls sit for about 7 1/2 hours. It was still a tad damp (its December and friggin cold!) so I probably could have left it even longer or used a blow dryer. But I will try that next time. You straighten the roller by un bending it you are able to just slide the roller out instead of un rolling it so the curl keeps even better! I was VERY happy with the initial results!!


                                 Smoothing out & Styling

A lot of people will probably be able to skip this step if you only used one roller. But since I used two, the curls were extremely separated and I wanted to correct that.

So I used my Conair flat iron on a “20” heat setting (the highest setting is 25, so pretty warm) and just clamped the iron around the top of the tail, playing with directions and angles to achieve the look I wanted: the tighter curl resting atop the looser larger curl. I trimmed some of the stray hairs and worked gel carefully into the curls ( I used Argan Oil, also from Dollar Tree. It is a gel for African American hair) Adding gel is also optional, I always add some sort of gel or glue whenever styling hair as a precautionary measure.

And that’s it! She is lovely and ready for some smaller curls in her mane, which I will test out with mini perm rods in the near future. 🙂


Voila! Boil Perm made easy!

Yes, I am aware that it sounds insane to put hair in boiling water for 3 minutes. Do not be afraid of this hair! I have been TRYING to burn this hair and so far I have only managed a little singe at 430 degrees. Obviously I have a lot of hair to play with and so I’m not too worried if an experiment goes wrong. So you can either test a small piece of hair out first if you are nervous OR ask me to try something and I will let you know if it works or not!

This is a new frontier of customizing-literally. Not only are the prices much cheaper but you get rooting hair that isn’t fragile but still looks beautiful! YOU CAN DO IT!

Happy Hair-ing (that’s a verb, right?) -Diana

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