Color Corner- Mother of Dragons White Platinum Blonde Doll Hair Review

October 22, 2016


*For those of you who have not read or seen Game of Thrones, I apologize because this review is heavily influenced by it.*

I am constantly being asked to describe or give my opinion about shades that we carry, so here is my first review!


Blondes are very popular with customizers. Especially those who like to create dolls to look like a certain person. When we first ordered blonde shades, we could only pick three. It was a tough choice. We knew we wanted a platinum blonde because that has been requested many times. But WHAT shade of platinum? None of our customers had really specified. So we were left with choosing between a blonde platinum or a white platinum. We chose blonde, the shade we named Elsa. While Elsa has been popular, it wasn’t long before we started getting requests for a true platinum shade.


A character or actor with white platinum hair isn’t something new. A bad ass dragon rider female character with platinum hair is! I am personally a HUGE GoT fan and I definitely saw the need for a good color match for Daenerys. Elsa is a beautiful color, but I felt it was too blonde to match the trademark Targarian hair color.


I was really excited at the idea of platinum blonde but nervous that the color I ordered wouldn’t be a close enough color match. It’s hard to know if a photo is accurate to your expectations. Thankfully it was a success! We named the color “Mother of Dragons” in honor of our favorite khaleesi.

This blonde is WHITE! I don’t think it is possible to get any more platinum blonde with this color. That being said, it still has enough of a blonde tint to not look like a stark ( lol, see what I did there?) white. When I look at this hair I see that it would also work really well for Marilyn Monroe or Lady Gaga just to name a couple. If you want the stunning drama of pure platinum with your re-root, then Mother of Dragons is the shade for you.

Happy Hairing!


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