Color Corner: Frankenberry Magenta Nylon Doll Hair Review

October 25, 2016


Frankenberry is probably my favorite of our newer shades- which is saying a lot because we have so many stunning colors!

While this color is technically classified as “magenta,” I almost feel like it isn’t accurate. Magenta just doesn’t come to mind when I think of colors that I like. Perhaps that is my own issue from having watched too much Blue’s Clues…


…..but I digress.

So I will do my best to describe this color. This color is VIBRANT. Even that feels like an understatement! The best adjective I can think of to describe is “luscious” 😉  It is bright and has a really stunning sheen. Being that it falls in “middle” -not too light or too dark that is- allows it to blend with a variety of different colors. It even looks nice with the natural colors.


As for the name, I guess that can be partially attributed to the season. 🙂 I have a cardinal rule of not naming any hair colors after plants or food. Other hair suppliers have most of the names anyways and I frankly find them a little boring. In case you haven’t noticed based on other shade names, I am a big pop culture junkie. So if the food is pop-culture related (ie, Soylent Green, which is a fictional food of sorts…), I will make an exception. A seasonal cereal with a monster mascot is pretty darn cool in my opinion. ( I have a pretty nerdy definition of what I think is cool). And with Halloween being my favorite holiday, it was a perfect fit. 🙂

Frankenberry is just lovely and one of those “all around beautiful” shades, I will pretty much guarantee that you will love it!

Happy Hair-ing!


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