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September 18, 2017

Each hank Measures 18 inches long; if you are using a rooting tool the hair will fold in half to be 9 inches long. Available in 5 sizes- MLP .5 oz: Enough for any Gen standard My Little Pony, Mego, She-ra or as hi-lights on a larger head. Large 1 oz: Perfect For Barbie & Friends and all dolls with similar sized heads. XLarge 2 oz: Ideal for Monster High & Ever After High Dolls Big 3 oz: for Bratz, Disney Descendants, Tonner & Gene Mega 5oz: for dolls with Large heads like Blythe, Crissy & Disney Animators   (is your doll not on this chart? Need a longer hank? Send us a message & we are happy to help you with picking the size you need.) All of our hair pre-weighed and carefully packaged to guarantee you get what you order.

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August 31, 2017


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June 26, 2017

I get asked a lot of the same questions, mostly by those who are re-rooting for the first time. It seems that many people run into similar problems when they first start so here are some basic tips that I hope will help you as you learn to re-root!

Needle Lengthbeginners-needle-legnth

If you haven’t used a re-rooting tool before, inserting the needle is a bit of a foreign concept. The length of the needle is actually pretty important because it greatly affects the pressure that is on the needle. The longer the needle protrudes from the tool, the more pressure it will absorb when punching it into the head. Variables like creating new holes and/or re-rooting heads that are harder requires more pressure and wears down a needle faster. This is amplified if the needle is too long. The tool is designed to not just be comfortable in your hands, but also to absorb the pressure so that your tool lasts longer. I like to keep my needle fairly short and I find that I can re-root close to 5 heads before it needs to be replaced. AS YOU ARE LEARNING TO RE-ROOT IT IS COMMON TO BREAK NEEDLES. You are still figuring out how to apply pressure and hold the tool, so don’t be too hard on yourself! That is why we includ

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October 25, 2016

frankenberry1 Frankenberry is probably my favorite of our newer shades- which is saying a lot because we have so many stunning colors! While this color is technically classified as “magenta,” I almost feel like it isn’t accurate. Magenta just doesn’t come to mind when I think of colors that I like. Perhaps that is my own issue from having watched too much Blue’s Clues… edit-10018-1428682455-4 …..but I digress. So I will do my best to describe this color. This color is VIBRANT. Even that feels like an understatement! The best adjective I can think of to describe is “luscious” 😉 It is bright and has a really stunning sheen. Being that it falls in “middle” -not too light or too dark that is- allows it to blend with a variety of different colors. It even looks nice with the natural colors. frankenberry2 As for the name, I guess that can be partially attributed to the season. 🙂 I have a cardinal ru

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October 22, 2016

KHAAAALEEESIIIII! *For those of you who have not read or seen Game of Thrones, I apologize because this review is heavily influenced by it.* I am constantly being asked to describe or give my opinion about shades that we carry, so here is my first review! motherodragons2 Blondes are very popular with customizers. Especially those who like to create dolls to look like a certain person. When we first ordered blonde shades, we could only pick three. It was a tough choice. We knew we wanted a platinum blonde because that has been requested many times. But WHAT shade of platinum? None of our customers had really specified. So we were left with choosing between a blonde platinum or a white platinum. We chose blonde, the shade we named Elsa. While Elsa has been popular, it wasn’t long before we started getting requests for a true platinum shade. elsavsdragons A character or actor with white platinum hair isn’t something new. A bad ass dragon rider female character with platinum hair is! I am personally a HUGE GoT fan and I definitely saw the need for a good color match f

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September 23, 2016

meeshell-pack I remember seeing the first promo photos for the Ever After High Meeshell Mermaid doll. Even though I had never seen the character before, she looked pretty lousy. Weird color choices that didn’t seem to match and she didn’t seem to resemble a mermaid. 12501743_1263344333681520_1492646395_n And when you compare her to the stills from the show, it is even more dismal. I read a lot of complaints from disappointed collectors. As someone who re-roots all the time, I personally knew I could get her looking more accurate. But I knew most people don’t have the access to all the different shades needed to get that effect in her hair. And then it occurred to me: I could make a custom kit for all the people who want to reroot her too! What comes in the pack One thing I have learned in my many years as an artist that people see colors differently. I see a lot of light purple tones in Meeshell’s hair, whereas others see strictly pinks. So how does one put together a re-root pack? Instead of doing a small amount of hair, I decided that a lar

June 25, 2016
[youtube]   This basic video shows how I manipulate the hair into a tight part using heat styling. It is so awesomely easy compared to thatching. And if you want to alter the part, just get wet, re-part the hair and use heat again! I will be doing additional part tutorials to show how to create your own part and how to part the hair for pigtails. And anything else I think of 🙂   Happy Hair-ing! Diana Buy Hair: Ebay: Etsy: Facebook: Instagram: @the_doll_planet  

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May 27, 2016

Another Destination!

This post is more of an introduction rather than a tutorial today. In addition to our main store on eBay , we have branched out and added an store on Etsy as well.

Why Not Sooner?

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked why I didn’t have a store on Etsy I would would be a billionaire. I opened our main store on eBay for several reasons. I have been selling on eBay for over 15 years so it is a format I was very familiar with. eBay also had a fantastic system set up for selling internationally; in the past 8 months we have sold hair to people in more than 20 different countries. We know how hard it is for intl customers to get doll hair for reasonable shipping so it is has always been very important to us to offer that. A few weeks ago, Etsy re-formatted their system to allow for calculated, combined and intl shipping. We had thought about Etsy for awhile and we saw this as a sign to branch out!

Additional Opportunities

The biggest benefit for our customers is that those without Paypal or eBay accounts. Etsy allows you to buy using a variety of different payments. We are also aware that not everyone is a fan of using eBay. I didn’t realize that because I was so used to already buying and selling on eBay. We hope this gives those a chance who have wanted to buy but did not previously have the chance. As well as new shoppers disc

May 17, 2016

Heat Styling

flatiron4 Using various methods of heat is the most common & effective way to style doll hair made from any type of synthetic fiber. Many people ask if doll hair can be straitened and/or style with a straightening iron. The following info is based on my experience and will hopefully help you too!

High Temperature Nylon

The main thing to know when heat styling hair is to be aware of what type of hair you have. Almost all dolls that you buy from the store are rooted with Saran hair. I tried using my straitening iron on a Fashionista Barbie and it melted the hair as well as left icky glue residue on my iron. So based on my experience, I would not recommend using a flat iron on Saran. You can, however, use it on the hair I sell! The hair we carry at is high temperature nylon. I have experimented on our hair to see what it can handle to be able to provide helpful & honest styling tips. flatiron16   I love straight hair styles on my dolls! I use my straitening iron all the time for creating

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February 17, 2016

All about the Curls!

I have been busy with commissions and I happened to know someone who does a stellar job with curling doll hair, so today’s tutorial is brought to you by my wonderfully talented customizer friend, Marcy Dice! This tutorial is to create tight ringlets. She has used this method on factory rooted hair ( which is saran on most dolls like Monster High, Ever After High, Barbie and similar sized dolls) as well as The Doll Planet Premium Nylon. This awesome custom Catty was rerooted with hair from The Doll Planet and then Boil Permed. The following photos are beautifully clear and straight forward. boil-perm-monster-high-how-to-1 *You can use larger straws for larger ringlets if desired* boil-perm-monster-high-how-to-2 boil-perm-monster-high-how-to-3 The tin foil takes a little patience to get used to, but I highly recommend it because I h

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