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September 17, 2017

If you have looked at items in our Ebay & Etsy stores, you have probably seen us using the term ” Hi Temp Nylon Doll Hair” all over the place. But what does that mean, exactly?  

Hi Temp Hair

“Hi Temp” is a simple way of saying that the hair is heat resistant. VERY heat resistant! It only starts to burn at about 430 degrees F (221 C)! How hot is that? That is about how hot I set my oven to when I cook a frozen pizza. I don’t even think my microwave gets that hot! So it is extremely hard to burn. What does this mean? The Styling abilities are practically endless. flatiron5


Several customers lament that our hair is too hard to style. The error, however, is not in the hair. It is in people not using enough heat when styling. Hi temperature hair is exclusive to The Doll Planet, so for people not familiar with our type of hair have always had to worry about burning hair in the past. Almost every other type of hair- including the original hair- burns REALLY easy. I often use a basic hair dryer on doll heads to soften the plastic so that the head is easier to remove. I have burned the factory hair on Barbie, Monster High and Disney Animators simply by holding the hair dryer a little too close! You know hai

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