Tutorial: How To Boil Perm Doll Hair

February 17, 2016

All about the Curls!

I have been busy with commissions and I happened to know someone who does a stellar job with curling doll hair, so today’s tutorial is brought to you by my wonderfully talented customizer friend, Marcy Dice! This tutorial is to create tight ringlets. She has used this method on factory rooted hair ( which is saran on most dolls like Monster High, Ever After High, Barbie and similar sized dolls) as well as The Doll Planet Premium Nylon. This awesome custom Catty was rerooted with hair from The Doll Planet and then Boil Permed. The following photos are beautifully clear and straight forward. boil-perm-monster-high-how-to-1 *You can use larger straws for larger ringlets if desired* boil-perm-monster-high-how-to-2 boil-perm-monster-high-how-to-3 The tin foil takes a little patience to get used to, but I highly recommend it because I h

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February 4, 2016

*Like my first blog about hanks, this is based on my research and so if any info is incorrect, please let me know so that I can correct it!* _20151125_013054 My “What the Hank?” blogs is my attempt at explaining what in the world a hank is and provide the info to aid you in buying re-rooting hair. I had mentioned weight a little my first blog, I wanted to add some additional tidbits, comparisons, and why the word “approximate” shows up so much in descriptions.

Hank Weight

The amount the hank weighs is just as important as how long it is. Because even though the length of hair might be provided, how do you know how much you will need for your project? The charts made by various sellers of hair (myself included) determine how many hanks are needed to complete a re-rooting project based on weight, NOT length. Almost every chart description uses the word “approximate” and I personally found that confusing. How could I know what I was doing if I didn’t have hard numbers to work with?


I am the type of person that wants to understand exactly why I do things and what it means, even if that requires me to ask questions even if I annoy people. So I believe that I have figured this “approximate” th

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January 29, 2016


Hardest Ever. Literally.

I have been DYING to do a blog on this for quite awhile now but it was a gift so I was waiting until I gave the gift to post photos . This doll took me over a year to make-but mostly because I procrastinated and then got stuck on how to finish her so she stood in the far corner of my desk incomplete for about 11 months. I had given up on her until I came up with the crazy idea to re-root a Gene doll-a doll with a REALLY hard head!    

Gene by Ashton Drake

Gene was first released in 1995, 15 inches tall and styled like a classic movie star. She was intensely popular at first but over the years has drastically lost most secondary market value due to Tonner releasing 16 inch dolls that were more poseable. Ashton Drake stopped making her in 2005 and Integrity picked up the line only to retire her in 2010. I still have at least a dozen in my own collection that I adore despite the lack of monetary value. The up side is that you can pick them up for about 80% less of their original cost for customizing-I snagged some lots on eBay and put a few in my collection but n

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January 20, 2016

I got jealous that Diana gets to write all the fun posts, so I decided it was my turn! I wanted to try making a wig cap to determine what should be inside a wig cap kit. Since I’m a visual learner, I’ve been watching several youtube videos in addition to reading the blog post “Evening Dreams”, http://eveningdreams8.tumblr.com/post/19199692985/how-to-make-a-wig-that-wont-fall-off-your-oddly for ideas In writing this article I hope to show you a more detailed breakdown of what it takes to make a wig cap which is using a combination of what I’ve seen other people do plus adding my own little spin on things. Step 1 Making a Wig Cap Step 1 This BJD SD head has a circumference of 9″. Elastic is cut to 8″ to allow for some stretch and minor overlap. Step 2 Making a Wig Cap Step 2 Make sure to find the area of the head where the elastic sets in a way that it actually grips onto the head. Too loose or too tight and the elastic won’t stay in place. Too high and it will slip off. Too Low and your wig will cover the eyes. Find that sweet spot and pin the ela

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January 19, 2016


Was exactly what I said when my husband Seth insisted we carry long nose curved pliers as part of our regular in our store. I really wasn’t convinced. I had removed hair from doll’s heads plenty of time before. And while I had tore the vinyl in pretty much head I had removed factory hair in the past few months (using regular pliers), I try to avoid as many additional supplies because I am a cheapskate. 😛 I am infamously stubborn and hate change, so it took some on-hands experience to actually believe him. torn-vinyl-head-twyla I had so many dolls with torn vinyl heads that I just started trying to work around it. But some victims were too bad to ignore. This poor Twyla is a mess, still waiting on my art desk for when I can figure out how to repair such severe tears. The most frustrating part about issues like this is that they can pretty much be avoided with good tools.

Why Would You Want These?

If preventing incidents like Twyla’s poor head from occurring isn’t convincing, I will explain some actual logic as well. The pliers (sans the handle) are 5 inches long and curve slightly downward, hence the name “curved nose.” The long length makes it much easier

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January 17, 2016

Warning: Tons of photos! AND We have Wig Wefts!

4-new-colors-purple-blue-green-red-doll-hair-reroot After arriving a week and a half late we FINALLY got our wig wefts! In addition to 4 new shades we also got black in weft form. What is a weft, you ask? It is hair (in our case Premium nylon) with a track sewn along the top of the hair so that it can be attached in sections on either a wig cap or glued directly to the doll’s head. Before we listed the wefts for sale, I wanted to make a wig first make sure it would be good to work with and such. I used the fantastic tutorial from Evening Dreams 8 on tumblr and did a few variations.

Amazing weft prices! (In my humble opinion)

Wig pieces are a brand new item in our store but I still strive to make things affordable so customizing can be more accessible AND fun! Most weft pieces are devastatingly small and short, pretty much the main reason that has kept me away from buying them previously. I want hair to be long and glamorous! We have 3 separate listings of weft sizes that allow you to buy a smaller amount for Barbie or Monster High up to really long large wefts for your SD dolls! The amount of hair I used for this wig was

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January 8, 2016

nylon-hair-hank-rooting-custom-bagged NOTE: This information is based on my own research so if you happen to know more, please tell me! Before I officially got into the Hair Biz, I was doing as much research as possible in an attempt to get a bit more educated. But there was one question I couldn’t seem to find a straight answer to. So I called my good friend and customizer Tara Kalavista. “I feel really dumb for asking this, but what IS a hank exactly?” “I have no idea,” she said. “???????!!!!!” I think was how I responded. 2fer4

A Hank…or something

So what is a hank? As far as I have been able to gather it means a piece of hair. Measurement, weight size and any sort of defining information that actually explains anything about the hair doesn’t really exist. So the only way to know what you are buying is to check the specs! Understanding the weight and length is what you need to know to get the correct amount for re-rooting your doll or pony. Grams and Centimeters It is hard to know how much hair you need unless you weigh it. In my experien

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January 3, 2016

  I never understood what the obsession with making wigs was until I made one myself . Er, Mostly made one, anyways. I was making it up as I went along and definitely made some mistakes, but the end result was fantastic! I was so proud of myself! So I must admit that I am pretty excited for our wig wefts that will be in stock later this month. Today I received a few photos of my actual inventory as it is being packaged so I had to share!

What the Weft?

So those who have tinkered with wig making in regards to dolls have probably seen what is around. I’m not an expert, but most of what I have seen is really expensive or really short when it comes to length. We had these premium nylon wefts custom ordered to length AND width! Pretty much any size you can think of will be available, as small as a Barbie to as large as a Pullip! We hope to cater to BJD fans as much as possible, I personally only have one Bobobie 1/3 BJD gal right now, I may be forced into getting some more to be test models- its a rough life selling doll hair. 😉 The standard length will be 12 inches!!!! Longer lengths will be available upon request. Prices will be determined once we have the hair in stock.

Caps, perhaps?

I was hoping to find a supplier to bulk order them from to have them available for sale, but I was not pleased with the options available. And I am fighting tooth & nail

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January 2, 2016

Monkey2016A New Year can bring a mix of emotions. Many people find it redeeming, that chance for a Blank Slate, New Beginnings and Resolutions. Those are all fantastic things, but until I get home from visiting family I really can’t sink my teeth into 2016 yet. Thus the non-tutorial post today because I don’t have all my hair to experiment on and provide something you would most likely find more interesting than my thoughts. But I set a goal for 2016 to post everyday, so I shouldn’t start slacking now!


In many ways we were just happy for 2015 to be over. I will keep it brief by saying we had a rough year and spare you my Sally Sob Story. But I have been through worse and did my best to be thankful for what we did have and the good things that happened. And if the year hadn’t been such a roller coaster, then we wouldn’t have started selling hair and starting this new adventure!

Horoscope Says

I am not a religious follower of my horoscope, but I have always found them to be entertaining and interesting. I lived in China for a short time as a volunteer teacher so the traditions and culture of the Far East have a special place in my heart. 2016 is the year of the Red Monkey, so I thought I would take a look

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January 1, 2016

Have a fun and exciting year customizing!Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 1.54.36 AM   Diana & Seth “A new frontier of customizing, set your phasers to stunning!” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Our Store: http://www.thedollplanet.com Our FB page: http://www.facebook.com/thedollplanet Want to learn to re-root? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9XWs2e5Bro #CustomDoll #HowToReroot #OOAK #TheDollPlanet

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